Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine how many tons of material I need?

Every project is different and may require the help of a professional to ensure adequate quantities and proper installation. To determine an approximate amount of material needed, please enter your project details into our "Aggregate Calculator".

What is the difference between Tons vs Cubic Yards?

1 US Short Ton (Ton) is the same as 2000 lbs. 1 Cubic Yard (CY) is the same as a 3' x 3' x 3' cube of material. A Ton is measured by weight and a Cubic Yard is measured by volume. All of Dakota Aggregates' products are sold by the Ton, which is determined by using a certified scale.

What is the difference between Class #5 Gravel and Class # 5 Recycle base?

Both products are appropriate for a variety of applications, including use as a solid base for pavements and pavers, and to surface a driveway. However, a Class # 5 Gravel is made of raw earthen material mined from the ground and a Class # 5 Recycled product is made by recycling reclaimed concrete and asphalt pavements. Class # 5 Recycled product is great for repurposing existing road materials and eco-friendly by eliminating the need to send this material to the landfill.